30 years of the fall of the Wall: when Raymond Depardon photographed Berlin

30 years of the fall of the Wall: when Raymond Depardon photographed Berlin

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, we are republishing photos taken and commented by Raymond Depardon in 2009. Where the photographer tells his story with the Wall, from its construction in 1962 to its destruction, in 1989.

The binder of all his Berlin photos, from 1962 to 2004, is open on the table. The cicadas squeak softly, the Mediterranean is blue and the sky azure, while Raymond Depardon recounts this strange link which anchors it in the North, in Germany, in this grave city, torn between a past in pieces and an "impressive modernity" ". The photographer’s words wander around Berlin, a journey through history, time and space. Here we are in Africa or with peasants in the Haute-Loire, between the walls of a psychiatric hospital or those of a farmyard where a toddler started walking one day of bombing. He thinks back to the Resistance and the Gulag Archipelago, to the perfect framing of German expressionism, to the lofts of Soho in New York inspired by Berlin's open architecture, to the drapes of Ethiopian riders… Raymond Depardon pulls the threads of his life and everyone coils, leaves or returns to Berlin. "Berlin is, for me, like Venice and Addis Ababa: cities that you have to know well, cities that I miss and where I need to return. "

It would be interesting for you to make known the other beneficiaries. There are perhaps not only scandals which justified the accession to this modest Prytaneum.

The civilization of care generates an unprecedented navel-gazing, which deploys a no-limit hubris of all power. Abandoning Nature as a field of exercise (this being decreed in a state of emergency), egos exercise their fantasies on Human Nature. I do not recognize myself in these identity claims, which divide more than they bring together.

What adds to the unhappiness and the pain, it was necessary to wait until the gentleman in question begins to break his face on a professional level and to see his power started to be able to bring him where he is today. It's hard !

The hit parades of the year are as beautiful as a chestnut tree, but like the Bordeaux in oak barrels, we have had enough. Question: Would you like a top 15 of the best journalists from Telerama? Cheers ¡!

Let us have a sense of proportion: although much less glamorous than the Weinstein case, the Matzneff case is much more serious: by the number of victims and by their nature, children. By the fact also that everyone in culture and publishing knew. I knew since the 70s, simply because I read the newspapers. So why, when listening and reading mainstream news, one has the impression that the Weinstein affair, which concerns us much less, is more important? There's an interesting analysis to do.

Hello to all the Télérama team, Why are climate articles still reserved for subscribers? Isn't the situation serious enough for everyone to read it? I find it absurd, don't you find that there is an emergency? This applies to all the press of course, but I would have liked Télérama to take the first step in this direction. For information I am myself subscribed but I cannot share this article. It's a shame.Thank you Karl

The issue of speed camera privatization is not new, but emblematic: the privatization of a regal domain, insider trading, slapping of politicians, questionable connections between public and private ... In 2018, Normandy served basic experimentation for private on-board radar teams. A year later, we realized that it was expensive ... (1). But it’s not just the privatization of road safety that is expensive, it’s the privatization of much of the service provided by private companies. Soon the SNCF .. Because the remains of this company will not remain long public. The unnecessary pressure (2) that is put on this company, does not have as its primary goal a change in pension status, it is done. By continuing the pressure of the reform we get a tension of part of the staff. The strike and its financial cost will be a pretext for saying that the public SNCF can no longer hold out. Confirmation, in a few months. So radars is just a model. (1) https://www.europe1.fr/societe/radars-embarques-prives-lexperimentation-est-un-echec-3897313 (2) Since January 1, new entrants are no longer in the old status of railwaymen. Only the former will be in the pension scheme before. It would have been enough to wait for this generation to die out by retiring. By maintaining the pressure, we are not targeting the social part, but a political (ideological) goal: Liberalize.

When contemporary conceptual music meets contemporary conceptual art it is a double trouble. Fortunately, they have the good taste to go and perpetuate their works in the basement.

COMPLIANCE HAS NO OBJECT, NO TIME The media was no more complacent with G. Matzneff, than with other powers. Have you forgotten this (feigned) surprise during the proliferation of Dutroux-type cases? However, all did not start in 1996. The silence on the actions of religious of all faiths should enlighten us. The media hardly touch the Powers. The Matzneff affair starts in 2019, because a victim takes out a book. Are we going to prosecute other public men who praised relationships with young children? But it was already an offense thirty years ago (Apostrophes of 1990). However, the main host of the show did not budge. The justice officials knew. It is an illustration of the coalition of silence between the Powers. The media are in the doxa and the Powers give the La. A proposal for a game: what is the scandal (in silence) currently. Look carefully, there must be plenty. See you in thirty years ...

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