Berlin: 1,600 amateur meetings canceled. The reason for the strike of football referees

Berlin: 1,600 amateur meetings canceled. The reason for the strike of football referees

Capital arbitrators have had enough of violence in stadiums. Due to their strike, there will be no amateur football match in the German capital throughout the weekend.

Berlin football referees are unprecedentedly opposed to growing violence in stadiums during amateur football league games. They announced a strike. This rigorous step affected all the meetings planned for this weekend as part of the capital's amateur football league. According to regional radio and television broadcaster RBB, 1,600 matches have been canceled.

The decision to strike, and thus cancel the matches, the commission of referees took the majority, said its head Jörg Wehling. Although the Berlin Association of the Amateur Football League (BFV) annulled the referees' decision, "to avoid chaos, it was forced to cancel matches for organizational reasons," says a statement from BFV. & Nbsp;

BFV chairman Bernd Schultz admitted that his "extreme concern is also due to the aggression increasing in the stadiums and the only remedy is joint and consistent action," but the strike of referees can always be the last option.

The judges justified their decision by increasing aggression and violence during amateur games. "Just a few days after the start of the season, we reported 109 cases of violence and discrimination in Berlin stadiums," they said. Aggression was directed directly at judges 53 times. "These are alarming numbers that require decisive action. That is why our signal was necessary, "judges argue.

Representatives of the capital's football clubs responded with understanding to the referee's strike and the resulting cancellation at the weekend of matches at the lowest league level. "Actually, I already considered this decision and I sign it completely. For years I have been observing the work of the judges and I have repeatedly witnessed incidents repeatedly during which the referees were insulted and almost attacked, "said Werner Natalis, head of SV Sparta Lichtenberg, the leading club in the Berlin league table on Saturday (October 26, 2019). "Finally, you have to punch the table with your fist for something to change for the better," he added.

The court dispute between the Football League Association (DFL) and the state of Bremen over the cost of protecting matches has not been resolved definitively but a trend is visible. (30/03/2019) & nbsp;

The press applauds the decision of the Bremen court, which ruled that the Bundesliga Union must participate in the cost of police protection of its matches. (Feb 22, 2018) & nbsp;

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