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Berlin's dissatisfaction with the EU's decision not to start accession negotiations with Northern Macedonia and Albania, German Undersecretary of State for European Affairs Michael Roth said.

In an article in the German Welt, he makes a huge mistake in making this decision for Northern Macedonia and Albania, and warns that if the EU turns its back on the Western Balkans, it will leave room for Russia, China or Turkey. This is what Zoran Zaef and his Financial Times pointed out, referring to third forces that will try to fill the gap.

"Doing everything for peace, reconciliation and democracy in the Western Balkans should be a prime objective. Because the area is not just the "backyard" of the European home. It's the inner courtyard! Stabilizing and linking the region (with the rest of Europe) directly serves European and German interests. If the EU turns its back on the Western Balkans then it will leave the ground to other actors, such as Russia, China or Turkey. And, of course, their main concern is not to strengthen democracy and the rule of law, "Roth says in his article, according to Deutsche Welle.

"The fact that the start of accession negotiations with Albania and Northern Macedonia has recently failed because of the resistance of individual countries is a bitter development," the German government member said, referring to the objections raised by France, the Netherlands and Denmark.

"But it would be wrong to abandon the whole effort now. In the spring of 2020 the issue will return to the agenda of European leaders. And then we must in all cases make it clear that we remain committed to the accession perspective. And any new delays would be irresponsible, "Roth said in his article, calling on Albania and Northern Macedonia to continue their reform efforts.

"It's the best message to all skeptics. At the same time we in the EU should also do our job and see how to deal with the reservations of individual countries, "concludes the German Undersecretary of State for European Affairs.