Gdynia-Berlin train tailored to the hotel day

Gdynia-Berlin train tailored to the hotel day

The new train timetable, which will become effective in mid-December, provides for a later departure time of the train from & nbsp; Gdynia to Berlin. According to our reader, this will hinder the possibility of changing the & nbsp; capital of Germany to other European trains. Intercity replies that such were the expectations of passengers, and the later hour will be more adapted to the current hotel day.

Berlin is a huge interchange, with an extensive offer of connections in many directions, so in most cases there should be no problems with transfers at different times of the day, although, as you can see, there may be exceptions.

However, the planned change may be unfavorable in other respects, e.g. for passengers traveling to Berlin for a short, two-day business trip. Arrival after 15 means that on the first day you can not do anything. Earlier train departure to Poland at & nbsp; two hours is also a problem. As a result, this type of passengers may be discouraged from using & nbsp; rail services.

What's more, I think that this train could leave Gdynia faster & nbsp; no later than today - so that you can plan a business trip to Berlin for just one day.

A good example are trains connecting Warsaw with & nbsp; Berlin. It is true that there are four such a day [from December there will be five - perm. ed.], so it is much easier to adapt the timetable to different groups of travelers than in the case of one train from Gdynia & nbsp; It is worth noting that when someone travels from Warsaw to Berlin first, and returns by last train, they spend more than five hours in the capital of Germany and, for example, do not have to plan accommodation.

First, change the time to less favorable. Then the number of passengers dropped. And finally, the liquidation of the connection. So you can say that December 12, 2019 will be the last day of "Gedania".

Straight from the sleeping room I went to work on Monday morning in Berlin, on Friday from Berlin too late but I had a good night's sleep in the morning all the 90s. Tickets were cheap.

Gdynia-Berlin-Gdynia has the same composition. Now the cycle will be different, namely Gdynia-Berlin-Warsaw and analogously W-wa-Berlin-Gdynia. So, nonsense, why do these lies? Next year we will find out that the train has low turnout and it will be cut. Here, the old method used, well, Polish patent, in the late 90s on PKP on local lines

Beautiful pink color. But 6 transfers are a slight exaggeration dear ones. But nothing, I wanted to buy an intercity sleeping ticket to Zakopane. From Gdynia. Interesting fact: there is a train that way .... but back again - not only day break get 2nd class for 16 hours .... ie, do the decision makers want me not to come back to Gdynia? I don't understand this situation and I don't want to break my car.

Even such a trivial connection between the Tri-City and Warsaw at night, maybe even slower say at 22:00 and on the spot at 6:30. I think that would make sense. This train would not have to finish the race in Wawa, it can go further to Białystok, Lublin, Zamość, and Kraków.