Hafter struggles for 'hasty victory' before Berlin Conference

Hafter struggles for 'hasty victory' before Berlin Conference

Although the leader of the armed forces in the east of Libya & nbsp; Caliph Hafter, & nbsp; 7 months passed after he launched a military operation on April 4 to take over the capital Tripoli, he did not achieve the "fast and definitive victory" he promised.

In the capital attack, Khafter lost the city of strategically Giryan to the National Reconciliation Government (UMH) and Burkan al-Gadab (Rage Volcano) units of this government at the end of June.

While the regional forces in the international arena were preparing for the Berlin Conference planned in November, Hafter's troops intensified their attacks to seize the Aziziye region between Giryan city and the capital, Tripoli.

Civilian casualties have also increased in the air strikes carried out by Khafter planes around the capital Tripoli in recent weeks. The attack on the mother of three younger sisters from the same family and the other fourth sibling injured caused an international reaction.

One of the prominent centers in the attack carried out by the forces of the office to the capital was the old airport environment. Yermük Military Camp is of great importance for the defense of the capital of UMH-related forces.

As the forces of the Khafter proceeded towards the al-Kazirma axis in the al-Hallatat region north of the old airport, it faced the heavily armed resistance of UMH.

Proceeding on the axis of Tavişa from the old airport area, Hafter forces seized an area of ​​about 25 kilometers in this region. UMH forces could only recover some of these regions.

The main focus of the leders was the Aziziye region, which will cross the supply line between Giryan city and the capital, which is in the hands of UMH. The ledger troops searched to open a new front in the western region with the city of Aziziye.

The troops affiliated to Khafter moved to Aziziye city on 10 October after capturing the es-Sebia region, about 45 kilometers south of the capital Tripoli.

Although the city of Giryan is strategically advantageous due to its high location, it will remain vulnerable due to the fact that the supply lines are broken in any surprise attack.

In addition, the location of the city on the plain and the surrounding agricultural lands make it easy to attack here. The troops affiliated with UMH are trying to slow down the progress of the Khafter troops with gunshots from Aziziye.

While the Hafter troops tried to advance in Aziziye and the old airport area, UMH forces also succeeded in the Ayn Zara region, which was the "head of the spear" in the attack of the Hafter. On the other hand, UMH troops, which provided control in some neighborhoods in Ayn Zara, captured some of the Hafter forces and seized their ammunition, have not yet achieved a definite victory in this region.

Before the international community meets at the Berlin Conference in search of a solution to the Libya crisis, Hafter is in a hurry to make actual gains in the field.

Secondly, reinforcing the legitimacy of the National Consensus Government, which is already recognized by the international community as the legal representative of Libya, worries Hafter.

At the same time, Hafter frightens Hafter's decision to target the region where civilians live in the capital, Tripoli, and the death of three little girls from the same family.

Taking into account these developments, Hafter launched a new intensity in its attacks on the capital, Tripoli. In addition to changing the actual situation in the field, it seems that Hafter's goals are to seize himself by seizing the areas where civilians such as Saladin live densely.