Hamburg director shoots with Sandra Bullock

Hamburg director shoots with Sandra Bullock

The Hamburg-based artist Nora Fingscheidt can look forward to a successful year 2019. After her debut film "Systemsprenger", which was award-winning at the Berlinale and also successful at the box office, the 36-year-old mother of a son made her next film in Hollywood.

What a remarkable career for director and screenwriter Nora Fingscheidt: her feature film debut "Systemsprenger" is Germany's Oscar hope for the best international feature film and is a long-running hit in the cinema. Now one thing is certain: Fingscheidt will shoot her next film in Hollywood - with Sandra Bullock as the leading actress. The US cinema magazines like "Variety" and the "Hollywood Reporter" report.

The thriller, so far untitled, is about a criminal (Sandra Bullock) released from prison who has a hard time getting back into society. Therefore, she is looking for her younger sister for moral support. According to media reports, the film is based on the British mini-series "Unforgiven", in which the criminal Ruth Slater is released from prison after 15 years.

The award-winning film "Systemsprenger" by Nora Fingscheidt is about children who do not fit into the system. Together with the actress Lisa Hagmeister, she tells about the shooting. more

The thriller is to be financed by the streaming service Netflix and based on a script by the director Christopher McQuarrie ("Mission Impossible: Fallout"). Bullock's last film, the horror thriller "Bird Box", had also previously been produced by this service. As a producer, the German actress Veronica Ferres is to be in discussion with her company Construction Filmproduktion from Munich.

"We are very happy to have such a talent at our location and are very excited about Nora Fingscheidt's new project with Hollywood star Sandra Bullock," said Helge Albers from Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, who is responsible for the production of "Systemsprenger" supported financially.

Fingscheidt's film "Systemsprenger" received the Silver Bear at the Berlinale 2019 - the Alfred Bauer Prize. The film is shown worldwide at festivals and in cinemas and has already attracted more than 400,000 viewers to the cinema in Germany alone, as its production film Weydemann Bros announced on Twitter.

Nora Fingscheidt's theatrical drama "System Sprenger" about an extremely difficult child is an emotional roller coaster ride. The film was proposed as a German contribution to the Oscar abroad. more

The film "Systemsprenger" by Nora Fingscheidt celebrated its German premiere in Hamburg-Altona on Monday. The audience was thrilled by the German Oscar hopefuls. more

Benni changes the foster family frequently, do not know where to go with her anger. The startling film "Systemsprenger" by Nora Fingscheidt now has the chance of an Oscar.