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From December 15, major changes are planned in the network of long-distance PKP Intercity connections in Lower Silesia. Lubin, to which only in June, after many years, regional trains returned, will become a station where not only long-distance but also international trains will stop.

PKP Intercity announced a change in the route of trains connecting Wrocław and Zielona Góra in September. Travel time is not to deteriorate, but the company will serve two large urban centers: Legnica and Lubin. Only one TLK train will remain on the old route, through Nadodrzanka, on the section between Wrocław and Głogów, going through Brzeg Dolny, Wołów and Ścinawa.

Four long-distance trains of the TLK and IC categories and, most importantly, one international train will travel through Legnica and Lubin. PKP Intercity, together with foreign partners, decided to reroute the route of the international Nightjet trains so that it goes through Lubin and Legnica. Residents of these cities will therefore be able to directly reach important European metropolises such as Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna. This train leads cars to each of these cities, in a different standard: from comfortable cars with seats, to couches and sleeping cars.

Importantly, passengers who use this connection in full service (e.g. from Berlin to Vienna) should also not complain. The journey time, although the route through Legnica and Lubin is slightly longer, will be shortened by a few minutes. Among other things, thanks to the fact that this train, between Legnica and Wrocław, will travel at a speed of 160 km / h. Thus, it will be the fastest train covering the section between Legnica and the capital of Lower Silesia in 35 minutes (back in 39 minutes).

The fact that the train will travel in this relation has already been confirmed by the Austrian Railways (OBB). On this carrier's website, tickets are already available from Legnica and Lubin to Berlin, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest as well as intermediate stops. The cheapest tickets can be bought for 19 euros, the next price threshold is 24.90 euros, 29 euros and up. For a place in the couchette we will pay extra 15 or 20 euros, for a place in the sleeping compartment 40 or 50 euros.

The train will depart from Vienna at 10:10 pm, reach Legnica at around 6:10 am. It will depart from Legnica to the south of Europe around 10:10, in Vienna it will finish at 7 am.

The fact that the train can go through Lubin is the result of a large investment of PKP PLK, which radically changed the conditions of traffic between Rudna Gwizdanów and Legnica.

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