Merkel talked about her dream: what would she be doing if the Berlin Wall never collapsed?

Merkel talked about her dream: what would she be doing if the Berlin Wall never collapsed?

Angela Merkel said that if the Berlin Wall had never collapsed in 1989, she might be driving around the US now and listening to Bruce Springsteen. However, Merkel stated that his preference would not be for an American car but an iconic Tranbant made in East Germany.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel explained where and what she could be doing in the 'parallel universe' where the Berlin Wall was never destroyed, in an interview with Der Spiegel magazine.

Upon insistent questions about what she might be doing, Merkel told her dream; “I wish my first long trip to America. Because of its size, variety and culture. Seeing the Rocky Mountains, driving around and listening to Bruce Springsteen - this was my dream. ”

Asked whether he wants to make these trips with an American car, Merkel said, “I'm a friend of smaller cars. What could be better than a Trabant (an East German car)? ”

Merkel, 65, who grew up in East Germany, stated that he may have retired in the parallel universe in question, so he will be allowed to leave the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

Angela Merkel, who also made a warning in the interview, argued that being dissatisfied with the government or experiencing frustration does not give people 'the right to hate'. Merkel's words were interpreted as an implicit reference to the Alternative (AfD) for the right-wing party, Germany, which increased its voting rate.

Merkel said, “After many peaceful transformation, I know that life has become free for many East Germans, but it is not easier. But you have to be clear: if you are not satisfied with public transport, health care, the state or your own lives, this does not give you the right to hate and underestimate. ”

Afd, Saxon, Brandenburg and Thuringia were two years after the merger of Germany, but it was the second party in the states that still feel disadvantaged.