November 9, 1989: Berlin celebrities tell of the fall of the wall and smooching with men

November 9, 1989: Berlin celebrities tell of the fall of the wall and smooching with men

The head of the Berlin publishing house, Holger Friedrich, remembered the evening when the wall fell, not only because of its historical importance. But also because he accidentally smooched with "Western trannies". He and other celebrities told FOCUS Magazine about this memorable evening.

November 9, 1989 is one of the most beautiful German dates, but above all it is the birth of the new, free Berlin. Since that day, the city has grown together and - if you believe the millions of visitors alone - far beyond itself.

The current issue of the news magazine FOCUS takes the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall as an occasion and tells the story of the birth of a cosmopolitan city. And since this story is too big for a narrator, 36 Berliners report on how it started, how it went on and what the city still consists of today.

We immediately took the train from Potsdam to Schönefeld to the Waltersdorfer Chaussee border crossing. There I found that I was missing my ID. In the night of the nights! I'm an idiot!

After midnight I hitchhiked towards Prenzlauer Berg to spend the night in my Berlin apartment on Prenzlauer Berg. A Trabi from Frankfurt an der Oder stopped and took me with me. The two men wanted to go to West Berlin and persuaded me to cross the border on Invalidenstrasse, hidden under a blanket in the back seat.

A little after one o'clock we were over there, the Trabi driver let his passenger and me out on Kurfürstendamm. There we immediately grabbed a couple of ladies with very high shoes and a blond mane. On a cross street we went to a dim club, funny songs were sung there, and as soon as we got in there was high-proof alcohol. Hardly finished, it went on.

I thought: if that's the west, it's cool! After another hour, smooching in the corner, we noticed: "Something is wrong here." My buddy suddenly murmured: "Look at the larynxes, and why are the women all so powdered at all?"

The next morning I sat on the subway back to Schönefeld. I came to the math lecture in Potsdam in time. My appearance was a roar because my washed-out denim shirt from the previous day was still fully smeared with the make-up of the western trannies.

I was sitting with my brother and William Röttger, with whom I founded the Low Spirit label, in the living room in Mommsenstrasse. Like the times, we were extremely politicized. In his 80s style, William had a shopping cart with a television in it, and at some point another was added so that we could see East and West news at the same time.

We happened to see the SED press conference with Günter Schabowski live, I could at least swear that. Anyway, I know we looked at each other and I said, “That would mean the wall is up? We absolutely have to go there and see what happens. ”

And my brother said: "Oh man, we have to go to Munich tomorrow, and I haven't ironed my shirts yet." Then my brother went to iron and William and I went to the wall.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the East Berlin police were no longer aware of what they could or should prohibit. The police in West Berlin have always been very relaxed, but suddenly more was possible in the East.

I just came out of the "risk", a pleasant meeting at the Yorck bridges, where I drank a beer, talked stupid things and did a little research. I didn't notice everything that was happening outside.

So I parked on Köpenicker Strasse in front of my apartment. Empty parking spaces everywhere. Suddenly a figure comes out of the dark. Suddenly it was 15. I immediately locked the car, but then recognized her, my clothes betrayed her. They asked me if there was Marienborn here and held out a city map on which West Berlin was white. They wanted to visit their aunt. From that day on, the city was enchanted.

The turnaround was unique. Berlin was a pool for lateral thinkers, who now considered how to make the world more colorful, beautiful and peaceful. Everyone had an idea, and suddenly there were rooms. And no curfew. There is no such thing as impossible. Or you didn't even ask.

When it was said in the evening in the “evening show” that the wall was open, we simply went to bed. Mother and we missed the fall of the Berlin Wall - our first visit to the west was only three weeks later. & Nbsp;

In the current FOCUS magazine (issue 46/19), winners and losers, lucky knights, weather forecasters, gold miners and a former governing mayor tell how things went with Berlin. Read the story of the comeback of a cosmopolitan city now in the digital edition of FOCUS.

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