“Paris and Berlin will not let Ukraine into NATO and support bypass gas pipelines”

“Paris and Berlin will not let Ukraine into NATO and support bypass gas pipelines”

KIEV, November 4, 2019 12:15 - REGNUM France and Germany oppose Ukraine’s membership in the EU, as well as, in principle, against any other new members; as well as against Ukraine’s membership in NATO - for a number of reasons, but primarily because of the crisis and disagreements in the alliance itself.

This was stated on November 4 in his comment by political strategist Vladimir Granovsky, commenting on the situation with the prospects for Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine.

In addition, according to the expert, the EU will support bypass gas pipelines around Ukraine - "due to the constant political instability and corruption in the country." EU leaders are ready to pump through the Ukrainian gas transportation system only up to 30% of the total gas volume, but for this it is necessary to reach agreement and compromise on a number of fundamental and complex issues.

In addition, Granovsky predicts that in the near future the EU will pursue a policy of curtailing sanctions against Russia and toughen migration laws for Ukrainian citizens in connection with BREXIT and refugees from the Middle East.

France and Germany are also concerned about the presence of unsecured public debt of Ukraine and the country's growing dependence on the IMF, and therefore will conduct a restrained investment policy. The specialist notes that Berlin and Paris will support any initiatives of Ukraine to achieve peace in the Donbass, even if they differ from previous agreements.

“On the one hand, Poland adheres to the US position on internal European issues, on the other hand, there are not closed“ painful moments ”in the history of Polish-Ukrainian relations,” Granovsky concluded.

IA REGNUM recalls that the Secretary General of NATO and a number of senior representatives of the alliance visited Ukraine on October 30-31. The head of the alliance spoke in the Verkhovna Rada and held a meeting of the Ukraine-NATO commission, and also during the interview informed the Ukrainians that the country would be a member of the alliance.