Police take action against second-row Parker - Berliner Morgenpost

Police take action against second-row Parker - Berliner Morgenpost

Berlin. & Nbsp; For the second time this year, the Berlin police are taking targeted action against illegal parking. The focus of the joint traffic action by the public order authorities, the Berlin Transport Authority (BVG) and the police is on traffic-free stopping and parking on bike paths, bus lanes and in the second row. Inspections have been carried out in all districts since Monday and until the coming Friday, November 15th.

Particular attention will be paid to the controls on the commercial and shopping streets in City West and East. "We are particularly concerned with stopping and parking in the second row," said a police officer from the police department. He did not name any other places, but spoke of "particularly stressed places" throughout Berlin. "Up to next Friday there are about 220 different intersections and road sections on our list, at which officials from the public order offices, the BVG and the police will check." According to him, the traffic controls begin early at 6:00 am and last until evening rush hour.

The start was on Monday morning in Spandau on Neuendorfer Strasse and Klosterstrasse, in Mitte on Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse, on Sonnenallee in Neukölln and in Zehlendorf on Teltower Damm and on Clayallee. The behavior of drivers in terms of stopping and parking was also examined in Schöneberg on Hauptstrasse and Albertstrasse.

In Schöneberg, the announcement that vehicles would be implemented consistently for a fee was followed by deeds. "We had to convert several cars that were parked on the bus lane for a fee," said a police officer. In addition to the warning fees in the amount of ten to 35 euros, depending on the type of vehicle, additional fees of up to 369 euros apply.

"Parking in the second row as well as on bus and bike lanes is selfish and ruthless," said Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD). "The wrong-way parkers do not seem to be aware of the danger they put other road users in." Geisel expressly supports the campaign and wishes the learners to learn from each other in the sense of mutual respect. "After all, the street doesn't belong to you alone."

The police will take stock of the five-day campaign in one week. In a comparable campaign in the spring of this year 6484 stops and parking violations were identified and punished. According to the police, motor vehicles had to be towed at a fee in 288 cases. The police expressly point out that bike paths and bus lanes as well as in the second row must not be stopped or parked at short notice. Parking is also prohibited on marked wheel protection strips on the road.

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