Policemen regained Range Rover stolen in Berlin. "Navigation indicated that the car was going towards Poland"

Policemen regained Range Rover stolen in Berlin. Navigation indicated that the car was going towards Poland

October 29 this year Szamotuls police officers accepted a report about the theft of a Range Rover car worth over PLN 200,000. The car was stolen in the late afternoon in Berlin.

The 44-year-old car owner noticed before 22 o'clock. The man had GPS protection in the vehicle, he immediately logged into the system, where he noticed that his car was moving at high speed - at the moment he was sure that the vehicle was stolen - reports young asp. Sandra Chuda, police press officer in Szamotuły. The 44-year-old along with his son followed the stolen car after navigation, which indicated that the car was going towards Poland. A resident of Berlin contacted the Polish Police - he adds.

Just after midnight on October 30 in Szamotuły at Wojska Polskiego street, police stopped a stolen car. A 24-year-old resident of Bydgoszcz turned out to be the driver. The recovered car was handed over to the owner and the suspected man was detained. According to the information that the police reached, two more men were involved in the theft of the car and were detained the same day. They are 37 and 45-year-old residents of Bydgoszcz.

"And those who stole their teeth remember it ..." - with some opinions it is difficult to argue. They are "logical otherwise" ..... I wish you health.

Do you think they are working hard and honestly now and we are not supporting them ?? I honestly doubt what you see after this news. Sisioki 24 years every gangsta wanted to be but it didn't even occur to them that a car of this class could have tracking. Nothing like this will be either a good thief or a good honest taxpayer.

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probably they reasoned that with Polish salaries it is difficult to earn for such a cart, the German earns four times more and four times faster to drive such a dumper, so he can share with a Pole

Next thieves are already "transporting" more vans from Germany. The supply belt works smoothly. After all, every van crossing the line of the former western border should be verified. But who wants to? One "success" for a police month is enough. Polish thieves don't acquit "for low social harm ..."

and these bad guys who stole a van from Berlin with the contents of the dead to the crematorium, and then threw away the goods in the forest in Poland, the goods already out of date and bulging, were punished?

They should lead them to Germany before the court so that they are certainly not hinged with shame Poles bring it themselves I don't like such a car but I feel sorry for the owners stolen no one gave them such money it is not 500plus you have to earn

once more because there was no answer full of hate: "how sóv, how much smokes" - come on, threaten me, fuck the guy with a crystal ball received from a sexy fairy. he. and your glasses and my joint "triumph" now you have proof that this is not bullshit, just like the opponents suggest. I put up a whole palette of criminals for you, this article is proof. I want compensation from them for my losses of at least PLN 20,000 per person + justice. as it goes "golden horns, feathered hats," he he hue.

the GPS signal jammer costs 300-400 PLN ... what you have to be Janusz to steal a car for several hundred thousand PLN without such basic and cheap security ...

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