Pompeo announced in Berlin: SDG will continue to support

Pompeo announced in Berlin: SDG will continue to support

US Secretary of State Pompeo announced that they managed to defeat ISIS with the "enormous resource" provided to SDG, and that "they are proud" support will continue.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has warned his European allies about "a very serious influx of immigration" and demanded support for Syrian policies. Pompeo announces support for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDG), which they say they provide "enormous resources" in Syria. & Nbsp;

Mike Pompeo, who came to Germany on the occasion of the 30th & nbsp; anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, met with Prime Minister Angela Merkel and Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer today.

Reminding that 30 years ago the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War, it was predicted that democracies would increase in the world, Pompeo pointed out that authoritarian regimes have increased and made a mistake in this prediction.

Targeting Russia, China and Iran with harsh expressions, Pompeo argued that Germany should stand against these authoritarian regimes with the USA. Inviting her European allies to take a tougher attitude towards Russia, China and Iran, Pompeo also wanted to reduce the dependence on these countries in the fields of energy, economy and technology.

Speaking about the recent situation in Syria, Pentagon Spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman said that the income to be obtained from the oil fields in Syria protected by US soldiers will be given to the Syrian Democratic Forces. (7/11/2019)

Pompeo also a participant, "Kurds in Syria, Turkey has made you the target, you've paved the way for Moscow's entry into the region. Did this damage the reputation of the US foreign policy? ”Answered & nbsp;

“The United States, on the contrary, provided tremendous resources to SDG and Kurds. We have provided them with a resource that no country is ready to offer, including European countries. You (the Germans) joined us, our French and British partners joined us. We are proud of what we do. We broke the caliphate. When President Trump took office, they were controlling, managing, collecting taxes, having schools, hospitals, and these terrorists who cut off several people at the same time. Our administration provided the necessary resources for the Kurds to prevent this from happening again. We are proud of this. We will continue our support for them. Because we think it is in our interest. But this is also in Europe's interest. ”

After this evaluation, Pompeo also cut off the words of the moderator that started with the "withdrawal from Syria ..." Look, this is very important. ”He said, saying that the USA did not withdraw from Syria: & nbsp;

“President Erdogan has decided to attack Syria. We objected. German and French governments also objected. This decision belongs to Erdoğan. We made a strategic decision and decided to continue fighting ISIS. This is what is happening in Syria right now. ”

Stating that US soldiers and diplomats are in the field in Syria and they continue their duties by taking the death, the US Secretary of State said, “If you really care, if you attach importance to what is there, it is important that I understand the questions, then you have to join us. The governments here need to explain the importance of what happened there and the risks they face to their people. ”

“We need friends who value freedom in the world and are ready to fight terrorism with us. This is not just the duty of the USA. Europe faces a real risk. If we cannot manage this business correctly, there will be a very serious migration from this region to Europe. ”

"Yes, this worries me, the fact that people are irrational always worries me ... Irrational people annoy me" the question of whether Western countries are among the countries that find Russia more reliable.

German YPG members returning from Syria to their country face police calls and investigations opened against them. However, both German judiciary and politics are in a dilemma about YPG members.

Germany, France and the UK called for moderation in the Gulf. Countries urged Iran to avoid any violent acts and to comply with the limitations of the nuclear deal signed in 2015.

Following the murder of Iranian commander Solomon, European countries called for US and Iran to be moderate. UN Secretary-General Guterres warned that "The world cannot afford another war in the Gulf".

Prince Harry, the sixth heir to the throne in England, and his wife, US actor Meghan Markle, announced that they were withdrawing from their top positions in the royal family and would start working for their economic independence. & Nbsp; & Nbsp;