Prandy: I'll get the most prepared for Berlin

Prandy: I'll get the most prepared for Berlin

Three of you who answer the question correctly will win three double tickets to Volkswagen Club Fest Networking and Media Day (include access to the first exclusive day of the event and cocktails thereafter), May 10-12, 2019 at Inter Expo Center, Sofia. We will announce the winners on May 9.

The senior coach of the men's national team, Silvano Pundi, has announced an expanded squad for the European Olympic qualification. The latest screening tournament for the Tokyo Games is January 5-10 in Berlin.

"In the next two months, we will keep an eye on all distinguished contestants and those who are in the best shape will be in the group of 14 for the tournament. Of course, it is quite possible to invite a competitor who is not present in the extended squad, but at that time he has performed at a very high level. It is important for me to bring together the best prepared with the contestants and do everything we can to win the quota. It will be very difficult, but not impossible, "the official said BFF Volleyball Breeder site. & nbsp;

Prandy has watched the Heather-Petrochemical Super Cup of Bulgaria in 2010, as well as some matches in the first two rounds of the Super League. The scouts of the national team are also preparing all the matches of the internal championship, and the appearances of the Bulgarians in the foreign championships will be closely monitored.

"In a few days, we will clarify all the details of the team reunion. It was recently confirmed by the European Confederation that there would be a round in Italy on December 26. Moreover, the final tournament for the Russian Cup is also December 26 and 27, which also complicates matters a bit. , but we will comply. There will be practically no preparation in the typical sense, but we are planning two control meetings in Sofia, which must be confirmed soon, "added team manager Stefan Cholakov.