“Shoigu and Zhukov took Berlin”: The “Wikipedia” sentence from Putin blew up the Runet

“Shoigu and Zhukov took Berlin”: The “Wikipedia” sentence from Putin blew up the Runet

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed replacing Wikipedia with the Russian Encyclopedia. “It's high time,” “It’s better to immediately have the Soviet encyclopedia,” “I’m afraid to imagine what will happen there ... like Shoigu and Zhukov took Berlin,” users of social networks write.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the orientation of Wikipedia Russian citizens as a source of information incorrect and suggested replacing it with the Great Russian Encyclopedia. The initiative of the Russian leader provoked heated discussions in social networks.

Wikipedia has been criticized more than once for containing incorrect facts and even whole fake articles. Since any user can edit it, the Internet encyclopedia is not considered a reliable source. The head of state noted that if we replace Wikipedia with the Great Russian New Encyclopedia in electronic form, then there will be more trust in it.

Other users doubt the success of the venture and fear that it will result in a "cut" of budget money. Also, there were those who were worried that if replaced, articles disappearing that obscured the Russian leader. There are frankly insane comments.

“I’m afraid to imagine what will happen there ... how Berlin took Shoigu and Zhukov, how Lavrov joined Turkestan, how Poklonskaya and Nikolai II decided the fate of the Empire. That is, Wikipedia is translated from goblins,” writes Anashkin Valentin @ Valentin20ya.

"Putin heard the pleas of his flock, he decided to replace the wiki with a resource where Ilya Muromets and 28 Panfilov’s are real heroes," adds vietnam @vietnammmm. The author in the commentary especially tries to insult the patriots whom he calls "cotton wool", therefore we do not consider it correct to quote the full quote.

Meanwhile, while representatives of the opposition insult and humiliate, most of the adequate users recognize that Wikipedia is not the most reliable resource, and give relevant examples.

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