Tesla: Elon Musk is planning a factory in Brandenburg's Grünheide community - as many jobs as possible - Berliner Morgenpost

Tesla: Elon Musk is planning a factory in Brandenburg's Grünheide community - as many jobs as possible - Berliner Morgenpost

Berlin. & Nbsp; The American electric car builder Tesla is building its first production location in Europe near Berlin. Telsa boss Elon Musk announced on Tuesday evening at the awarding of the “Golden Steering Wheel” automobile award in Berlin that a so-called gigafactory was to be built in Brandenburg near the German capital.

According to information from Brandenburg government circles, the planned factory of the electric car manufacturer Tesla is to be built in the municipality of Grünheide, about 35 kilometers southeast of Berlin. It has been under discussion about the planned location in the Oder-Spree district for around four months, it said on Wednesday.

According to information from the Berliner Morgenpost, at least 6,000 jobs are to be created in the first stage of expansion, with a further 4,000 employees planned in a possible second stage of expansion. "It was therefore important for Tesla to be close to Berlin and the new BER airport," said a spokeswoman on Wednesday, referring to the skilled workers in the capital. Tesla is also planning a development and design center in Berlin.

According to sources from negotiating circles, Tesla is planning an area for the Gigafactory of around 120 hectares. The investment amount was initially unknown. The factory is expected to go into operation at the end of 2021. First, Tesla wants to produce the future compact SUV Model Y in the planned Brandenburg factory, as well as battery cells and drive trains, as Elon Musk announced in the evening via short message service Twitter.

Economic Senator Ramona Pop (Greens) welcomed the planned settlement in Brandenburg. On the evening of the Berliner Morgenpost, she said: “This is great news for the region. Those who have visions come to Berlin or at least nearby. You can be proud. We won the race, ”said the politician.

The business senator herself wrote a letter to Tesla boss Musk last summer, recommending Berlin as the new location for Tesla's planned gigafactory in Europe. Pop named the Cleantech Park in Marzahn as a possible location. In view of the planned size of the Gigafactory, this location seems to have been too small for those responsible for Tesla. The Cleantech Park Marzahn offers only 75 hectares of space. According to morning post information, Tesla has taken a closer look at the location in the past few days.

Berlin's governing mayor Michael Müller (SPD) welcomed the location decision of the electric car manufacturer Tesla for a new production in the outskirts of Berlin. The decision stands for the success of the Brain City Berlin research location, wrote Müller on Twitter. It was another milestone for the close partnership between Berlin and Brandenburg. Associated with this is the prospect of new jobs for the entire region.

Christian Amsinck, Managing Director of the Berlin-Brandenburg Business Associations (UVB): “This great news is like an early Christmas for the capital region. A new production site with several thousand jobs would be a quantum leap for the region. "

The American automaker has been looking for a location in Europe for a long time. Musk cheered on advertising himself on Twitter in June, calling Germany the “first choice” for the construction of a European gigafactory and specifying that he could imagine such a production facility on the Franco-German border, close to the Benelux -Countries Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. That Tesla is now moving near Berlin is quite a surprise.

According to sources familiar with the process, the proximity to the German capital spoke in particular for the Gigafactory in Brandenburg. Only in this situation is it possible to recruit the specialists required for this.

Tesla is a pioneer in electromobility, but in the face of expensive and delayed production starts with new models, it repeatedly struggled with massive money problems.

According to industry expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, the federal government has to rethink the promotion of battery production. After Musk's announcement that he would build a factory for the manufacture of batteries and electric vehicles near Berlin, it was necessary to consider the meaning of the one billion euros that Minister for Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier (CDU) wanted to put into German lithium-ion production , Dudenhöffer from the University of Duisburg-Essen said on Wednesday that the planned battery research factory in North Rhine-Westphalia with 200 million euros in state funds should also be questioned.

Dudenhöffer called the fact that the choice for the European Tesla factory fell on Germany and Berlin-Brandenburg "surprising, but not absurd". Location factors such as space, land prices, infrastructure and energy costs are important for battery cell production, "but of course Berlin is also meaningful and fits a premium brand like Tesla."

According to Dudenhöffer, the number of jobs in the future factory should not be overestimated. “Cell manufacturing is highly automated. Energy costs count much more than labor costs, ”explained the car specialist.

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