TESTIMONY - 30 years ago the fall of the Berlin Wall, the fond memories of a Manchois

TESTIMONY - 30 years ago the fall of the Berlin Wall, the fond memories of a Manchois

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Emmanuel Thiébot was in Berlin two months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, to celebrate this historic moment and the New Year 1989/1990. The Cherbourgeois was then 20 years old. Today a historian, specialist in the history of the 20th century, he tells us about his memories.

Berlin. November 9, 1989. Thousands of East Germans break through this "Wall of Shame" that has separated their country since August 13, 1961. They are greeted with applause or with music. & nbsp; An anniversary celebrated this Saturday, November 9, 2019 by Germany and Europe with minimal commemorations, while we are far from the hopes born of the end of the Iron Curtain. & nbsp;

But the images of November 9, 1989 remain unforgettable images for the European generations who had known the Cold War. & nbsp; In the hours and days that followed, the breaches in the Wall multiplied in Berlin and across the border between the two Germanys, the GDR (in the East) and the FRG (in the West). & Nbsp;

And we rush from all over the world to come live these moments of History & nbsp; Manchois are there. Like Emmanuel Thiébot, originally from Cherbourg, and today a historian, specialist in the 20th century. Two months after the opening of the Wall, he leaves for Berlin with five friends to experience the New Year 1989-1990. & Nbsp;

He is then in the first year of History at the university of Caen and he is aware of living a historic moment, in euphoria. & nbsp; "There were hundreds and hundreds of people happy and happy to be there on this wall. At midnight, we clinked on the wall with the East German border guards who had no other choice to participate in popular jubilation. "& nbsp;

A breach had been made in the wall, wide enough for a viewpoint to be seen in No Man's Land on the other side. There was a soldier there, a border guard who was waved. He ended up getting closer. He was our age. 20 years. We made a photo where we use our hand through the wall, a gesture of a symbol and an extraordinary power. This person who was in the East, I who was in the West, three months before, would have been absolutely unthinkable. It is a very emotional moment.