Teufelsberg - Devil's Mountain in Berlin

Teufelsberg - Devil's Mountain in Berlin

Teufelsberg, in free translation Diabelska Góra is located in the Grunewald district - one of the most exclusive parts of Berlin. During the Cold War it was the West's "ear" to the other side of the Iron Curtain.

The mountain was artificially built of post-war debris that was taken to the outskirts of the city. The mountain measures 80 meters and reaches a height of & nbsp; 115 m a.s.l. & nbsp;

After the war, the walls of the academy were blown up and covered with debris. In the 1970s, a million trees were afforested. Over time, it began to serve as a ski slope. However, the white madness did not last long, and another use was found for Teufelsberg. & Nbsp;

A real spy station was built on Devil's Mountain, which was used by Americans and British. It was from here that specialists from the NSA (National Security Agency) eavesdropped on the countries of the Eastern Bloc, analyzing radio transmissions. Radar antennas were located in five domes with a diameter of up to 10 meters.

Thirty years later, in 1992, the Americans removed the radar equipment and moved out of Devil's Mountain. After the spy episode, white balls covered with tarpaulin remained, which to this day are a characteristic and indispensable element of Grunewald. & Nbsp;

The Devil's Mountain is not only the remains of a great eavesdropping center, it is also a street art gallery that catches the eye with wonderful paintings that cannot be ignored. & Nbsp;

Teufelsberg has enormous potential that has been noticed by various artists. It is not without reason that interesting events, concerts and music videos are organized here. & Nbsp; & nbsp; While in Berlin, it is worth going to the Devil's Mountain, to feel at the top of the roof at the very top, looking at the panorama of vibrant Berlin. & Nbsp;

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