The fall of the Berlin Wall, "imaginary" meeting of Sarkozy, Fillon and Juppe with History?

The fall of the Berlin Wall, imaginary meeting of Sarkozy, Fillon and Juppe with History?

POLITICS - Live the story live or behind schedule? In November 2009, as Germany prepares to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Fillon and Alain Juppé all said that they were at the heart of the event ... before being contradicted, as shown in our video at the head of the article.

The fall of the Berlin Wall - which celebrates its 30th anniversary this Saturday, November 9 - symbolizing for Europe the collapse of the Communist bloc, the young guard of the French right had to make the trip. Images bear witness to the presence in Berlin in November 1989 of these three rising figures of the RPR (ancestor of the Republicans). But these photos and videos do not date from November 9, 1989, the evening that East Germany (GDR) opened its border with the West (FRG). Except for having top secret information, the event was also unpredictable as evidenced by witnesses and archives at the time.

However, Nicolas Sarkozy, then President of the Republic, published on November 8, 2009 on his Facebook page a text telling that he was in Berlin on D-Day, that is to say on November 9, 1989, the evening of the wall fall. “In the morning of November 9, we are interested in the news coming from Berlin, and seem to announce a change in the divided capital of Germany. We decide to leave Paris with Alain Juppé to participate in the upcoming event. When we get to West Berlin, we head for the Brandenburg Gate where an enthusiastic crowd has already gathered at the announcement of the likely opening of the wall, "explains Nicolas Sarkozy. To illustrate his point, the head of state published a photo showing him, with a pickaxe in his hand, attacking the wall.

A version of the facts first accredited by Alain Juppé, then mayor of Bordeaux, who declared "on November 9, I was [in Berlin] with a delegation from the RPR. There was Nicolas Sarkozy ”, then by François Fillon, Prime Minister, who remembers having met on November 9 in Berlin his two party comrades. But doubts quickly arise and checks will undermine the dating of these stories.

The author of the photo posted on Facebook by Nicolas Sarkozy denies having photographed the young deputy secretary general of the RPR on November 9, 1989. According to Paul Clave, interviewed by the Rue89 site, his photo was taken on November 10 at the end of the evening. “Nicolas Sarkozy arrived in Berlin in the afternoon of November 10, on an Air France plane. He was accompanied by Alain Juppé, "recalls Paul Clave, French representative from Berlin at the Assembly of French Abroad from 1982 to 2007.

Alain Juppé's schedule also makes it impossible for him to be in Berlin on November 9. That day, images filmed at Colombey-les-Deux-Églises show him participating in the commemoration of the death of General de Gaule. The next day, November 10, the 1 o'clock news on Antenna 2 received the reaction of the secretary general of the RPR, who welcomed the “retreat of the dictatorship”. Confronted with his agenda at the time, Alain Juppe back-pedaled saying "no longer remember exactly" if he was in Berlin "on November 10 or 11".

Another point that weakens the chronology of Nicolas Sarkozy's story: the testimony of François Fillon does not hold water. "I arrived in Berlin on November 7," he said. The day before, November 8, François Fillon was in Paris ... on the benches of the National Assembly. Images of the hemicycle prove this and the minutes of the meeting report a lively exchange between MP François Fillon and Minister Pierre Bérégovoy.

"At midnight, past Checkpoint Charlie, we found a TF1 team led by Ulysse Gosset", adds François Fillon. But the TF1 correspondent in Moscow said he was working that day in the capital of the USSR. The trip to Berlin of the fine RPR team will not be filmed until November 16, i.e. a week after the historic day that Nicolas Sarkozy, François Fillon and Alain Juppé claim to have lived closely ...

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