Turkey expels today that's not ışid'l

Turkey expels today that's not ışid'l

The German government, today Turkey's "foreign terrorist fighters", describing it as would be deported to Germany to announce that the German citizen "is not associated with Isidor" announced.

The German government, today's Turkey to Germany "foreign terrorist fighters" by defining "will be returned," he explained announce that the person is not associated with Isidor. Statements by İsmail Çataklı, the spokesperson of the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs, with the words "Foreign terrorist fighters have been returned to their countries", have left their mark on the agenda of the German government's ordinary press conference.

German Foreign Ministry's deputy spokesman Christof Burger, Turkey's about a German citizen, he said it would deport today, "There is no relationship with Isidor," he said, and the person in question to the German authorities already share the information it provides support consulate.

Steve Alter, spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, answered the question of a journalist: "If the YPG members fighting in Northern Syria are among those returned, will there be a criminal investigation here?"

Turkey, a US citizen who had been deported foreign fighters, said a German and a Danish citizen during the day would be returned to their country. (11.11.2019)

Alter said, “Regardless of the concrete example you have expressed, I can express the following regarding our general attitude. For Germany, if there are acts that constitute a crime under the criminal code, of course, a criminal investigation is opened. ”

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Burger announced that the Turkish side informed them about German citizens who are planning to be deported this week.

"The Turkish side also told us that today, seven German citizens will be deported on November 14 and two German citizens on November 15," Burger said, confirming that their German citizenship was confirmed by the German authorities. Burger noted that three out of 10 people to be deported to Germany are men, five are women and two are children.

Foreign Affairs spokesman, to be also deported in Turkey, held in the Return Center and the number of people indicated that German citizens "less than 20" is transferring, yet these people is to be confirmed as German citizenship German authorities officially on the Turkish side to them that He noted that he has not yet made a formal notification that the persons will be deported.

Journalists, “Will those who are returned be arrested? Is there that the arrest warrant of Rights? "Shaped answering questions from the Interior Ministry spokesman Steve Alter, Turkey's German Foreign acknowledgment yet reached them he did to the Ministry, therefore transfer can not give concrete information on that run how a legal process in Germany about these people .

Turkey, emphasizing that it is important to share information about the people who will be returning with their Alter, "the basic information about the person concerned to make preparations for our security units the operation of the process envisages transmitted to us important to us. As you know, the federal and state authorities are dealing with these issues at the anti-terrorism coordination center. For this, we need to know who the concerned people are and be able to prepare accordingly. ” The Spokesperson for the Interior underlined that the process to be operated is also a matter of concern to the judiciary.

Interior Ministry spokesman Ismail Çataklar Turkey this morning, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu he did last week, "returned Monday will start," recalling the statement, announced this morning that the first deportation of a US citizen.

Çataklı also said that the deportation and judicial proceedings for two people, one of whom is German and the other of Denmark, are still in the Removal Center and said, "Therefore, three foreign terrorist fighters will leave the country today."

İsmail Çataklı also added that the travel programs of the seven suspects of German citizens in the removal centers were added that they would be returned to Germany on 14 November.

Providing information on the deportation proceedings against ISIS suspects arrested in Syria, Çataklı noted that two German nationals of ISIS suspects arrested in this context are preparing their travel programs for their deportation this week.

Interior Minister Suleiman Noble, said in a statement last week, claiming that foreign nationals captured by Isidor is a member of today, Turkey announced that it will begin to return to countries where they are citizens of the suspects. It was remarkable that Ministry Spokesperson Çataklı preferred the definition of "foreign terrorist warrior" instead of "ISIS" in his statements today.

Berekat Omar, one of the Ezidis who fled from ISIS in 2014, broke with his family on Mount Shengal. Omar's wife lost their 2-year-old child in the mountains passed through Syria to Turkey before and after the seven children. The family met in Berlin 5 years later.

German YPG members returning from Syria to their country face police calls and investigations opened against them. However, both German judiciary and politics are in a dilemma about YPG members.

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