VIDEO. Daniel Balavoine: his concept album around the Berlin Wall earned him recognition in 1977

VIDEO. Daniel Balavoine: his concept album around the Berlin Wall earned him recognition in 1977

Returning from a trip to Poland in 1976 with his girlfriend, the singer-songwriter released his second album which tells the story of two brothers separated by the Berlin Wall. Musical criticism then notices the artist whose first opus was released in general indifference ... Excerpt from the magazine "8:30 p.m. on Saturday" broadcast on November 9, 2019, just after France's newspaper & nbsp; 2.

After the release in & nbsp; of his first album De vous à elle via moi which does not meet the public, Daniel Balavoine accompanied the following year his girlfriend of the time, the singer Catherine Ferry, on the other side of the iron curtain. She is invited to perform on stage in Poland. The two young people then discover the standard of living of the population, the lack of freedoms ... A shock which provokes an awareness in the artist who disappeared in & nbsp; 1986, at the age of 33, in a helicopter accident in Africa.

In April & nbsp; 1977, Daniel Balavoine released the concept album The Adventures of Simon and Gunther. & Nbsp; It tells the story of two brothers living on both sides of the Berlin Wall & nbsp; which will fall twelve years later, on the 9 ; November & nbsp; 1989 & nbsp ;: "The little Gunther / Naquit in 41 / And his brother Simon / Eight years earlier in June / In the heart of Berlin / In forty-two / One took his first steps / The other unhappy / Entered boarding school "… His former companion remembers for the magazine & nbsp;" 8:30 pm on Saturday "(replay):" It was people who tried to go from East to West, who were caught in barbed wire, shot when they were trying to cross the Wall ... "

"Lady Marlène / You fall asleep on the other side / Lady Marlène / In Berlin you know nothing has changed / It's very difficult to escape / The men in green have shot"… The song Lady Marlène is the chronicle of Simon who tries to reach this woman in the western part of Berlin before being shot by the soldiers. The radio stations are finally starting to take an interest in this songwriter with such a distinctive tone of voice who has received rather favorable reviews, especially in the music magazine Rock & amp; Folk.

"I chose the Berlin Wall simply because it is the only thing you can touch with your finger in the world ... explained Daniel Balavoine in a television interview. When we talk about Chile saying that writers have their hands cut or tongue, so that they can no longer write or speak, it’s abstract. We don’t realize what it means, while the Berlin Wall everyone can see it, touch it "It is a concrete frustration. It is only for that that I chose it and not for political problems."

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