Yvelines. A Rambolitan, present in Berlin in 1989, remembers

Yvelines. A Rambolitan, present in Berlin in 1989, remembers

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When the world celebrated the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on Saturday, Charles-Henri Dunoyer de Noirmont, elected municipal official in Rambouillet (Yvelines), remembered one of the strongest moments of his military life .

Because in November 1989, this professional soldier was on a mission: "I was second in command of the 3rd regiment of cuirassiers of Lunéville. We were appointed to supply the relief crews for the 11th tank regiment stationed in the French quarter of Berlin. ”

My emotions were mixed: this prison that had been the wall was opening. And at the same time, soldiers who had lived with this cold war for 30 years, we were witnessing a victory for which we were not for nothing, which we had not seen coming. The wall crumbled silently, without shedding blood, thanks to the victory of the German people. While the soldiers had their ammunition on board and everything was ready for street combat! It’s an event that only happens once in a millennium. ”

In the midst of a huge crowd, embraced by the Berliners, the officer was alongside his classmate of Saint-Cyr, Lieutenant-Colonel Glenat. Spectators of history on the march, as a parade of Trabant crosses the wall, they ask themselves the question: "What will the world be tomorrow?" With the end of the two blocks ”.

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